To control this pest with Isonet-Z, 300 dispensers per ha are necessary. To tie a dispenser loosely on a branch, 70 % of total dispensers applied on a branch at 1.5 - 2.0 m height from the bottom and 30 % of total dispensers applied on a branch at 1.5 m from the canopy of the tree. Wind direction is a key factor in installation time. In the border area, additional application on the higher position should be done. Leopard moth (Z. pyrina) is one of the most important pest of walnut, apricot, peach, plums and apple. Application time of Isonet-Z is before the first leopard moths emerge in spring, (when you observe a series of captures of moths in a pheromone trap). Strengthening the plant during this period is essential. Stability duration this pheromone is about 6 months in the open field.
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